Welcome to my blog!

Yes, I have officially and FINALLY started my very own blog! After many years of contemplating, procrastinating, and doubting myself as many of my friends tried to push me to do it, I have mustered up the confidence and drive to begin doing two of the things I have always been passionate about; writing and […]

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Remembering the Reason

Thanksgiving should not be a time overshadowed by Black Friday. Unfortunately, that has been exactly what it has become. It’s become more of a time of greed and competition as retailers, for the past several years, have been opening earlier and earlier just to gain better traffic and sales, and deal hungry customers campout in […]

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A Defining Moment

I always knew that I was supposed to do more and just be more in life. I always had that feeling that someday something really big was going to happen for me. And I still do! There has always been something deep down inside of me that just screamed, “You’re different! And because of that […]

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If we were all normal, no one would be different. No one would be considered an outcast. No one would want to stand out in a crowd, if we were all normal. No one would feel the need to take risks. If we were all normal, no one would want to be president because that’s […]

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Becoming a Woman

Becoming a woman is finding who you are in a world full of many faces. Becoming a woman is learning to balance the different roles you play in life. Becoming a woman is knowing true love and the value of friendships. Becoming a woman is knowing what you are worthy of and what you are […]

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Independent GiRL Problems

“I DON’T NEED A MAN!” Has said almost every woman ever who holds her independency on a super high pedestal. Let me just start off by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being independent! Spoken from an independent woman herself. By all means girl, spread your independent wings and fly! I have such […]

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Skinny GiRL Problems

There have always been the rules that you don’t call a person “fat” or make fun of people concerning their weight. Now that second rule seems to only ever apply to people who are overweight. But what about those people who are labeled as “skinny”? There aren’t any rules that say you shouldn’t call a […]

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In the Presence of a Star

On October 22nd, I had the awesome opportunity of attending the book signing of the amazingly beautiful actress, Gabrielle Union-Wade, for her book entitled “We’re Going to Need More Wine”. During the signing, Mrs. Union-Wade also took some time to come from behind her signing table and engage with the audience standing before her by […]

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